You Bought The Darn Thing.
You Shouldn't Have To Keep Paying To Use It!**

iPods and DVD players don't have monthly fees. Neither does your TV, your microwave, or your hair dryer. Then there are our competitors, brazenly asking you for as much as $12.95 a month for the privilege of using something you already bought. †

Let's see, that's $155.40 a year, which, coincidentally, is the same amount they can charge if you terminate a new monthly payment plan.* But you wouldn't want to do that either because, as their website clearly states, "If you cancel the...service, the DVR will no longer function". OUCH!

Moxi borrowed its usage-fee policy from your coffee maker and video camera (and common sense): You own the darn thing, so once you've paid for it you can use it without paying Moxi another dime for DVR service fees. ††