Moxi Internet Connectivity

Moxi Plays Nice In The Sandbox With Your Computer & The Internet

Any DVR can record and playback shows– that's easy.

But you're not just looking for a 2010 version of your 1987 VCR are you? Of course not. Enter, Moxi HD DVR. Unlike certain brands of DVRs, Moxi plays nice in the sandbox with your home computer network and the Internet. Want to listen to your digital music collection that's stored on your PC? Easy for Moxi. It can also learn what music you like, pull it off the Internet, and play it for you through your TV.

Want to see your photos or home movies from last year's vacation on your HDTV?

Moxi can do that with one arm tied behind its back. How about this for a trick: Moxi can go online and automatically find your sister in Toledo's Christmas photos on Flickr and have them waiting in an easy-to-find folder to view on your TV. Whether you actually want to see them is up to you.

(Cue Infomercial Announcer:) But that's not all! Want to follow the score of your favorite team while watching CSI? Moxi will display it in near real–time at the bottom of your screen. Need to know the weather? Moxi will pull it off the web, show you at the bottom of your screen, and you'll never miss a second of American Idol.

The Moxi SuperTicker™ introduces widgets into the HD DVR arena.

The Moxi SuperTicker™ brings widgets to your HD TV. Need to check how your favorite team is doing or decide if you will need to bundle up for tomorrow's weather? You can… all without leaving whatever else you are doing on the Moxi — watching TV, listening to your MP3s, laughing at your sister's vacation photos through Flickr®, whatever. You can even search through the latest news blurbs or watch a stock. All you have to do is hit the "Ticker" button on the top of your remote from anywhere during your Moxi experience and select the icon for the corresponding widget. It's that simple.

Moxi is the hub of entertainment in your home… now with PlayOn and Rhapsody.

If all that sounds like “Internet stuff,” you're right–it is Internet stuff, and you'll be able to get similar functionality on high–end HDTVs by 2010. Of course Moxi's had it since 2004. And Moxi hasn't stopped there. You can bookmark your favorite websites and view them on your TV. You can even access online content from your YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu accounts via PlayOn. For Mac users, TwonkyMedia Manager can connect you to great content like YouTube, iTunes, and more. Or dance to your favorite new recording artist with Rhapsody. Think of all the time you can save and then spend in front of your HDTV. It's just where you want to be anyway.

You haven't heard the best part yet. Moxi doesn't charge any additional fees for all this.